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DON'T MISS these special events in Baltimore, MD

Friday, December 3, at noon.
Please join the Friends of Joe Gans in Baltimore at the former location of Joe Gans' Goldfield Hotel
for the unveiling of a sign to commemorate the famous location at E. Lexington and Colvin,
now the location of the downtown U.S. Post Office Annex. The post office will issue a Joe Gans/ Goldfield
Hotel cancellation seal with the purchase of a 44-cent stamp.  Gans named the hotel after the gold-mining camp
in Nevada where he beat Battling Nelson on a technical foul after 42 rounds of hard fought action. He planned
to retire after opening the hotel, but his life was cut short from TB. Many famous individuals visited the Old
Master at this location.
  Thanks to everyone in Baltimore for a wonderful                     
                  Joe Gans Celebration this past August 10
Sharp Street Memorial United Methodist Church
            Pastor Del Hinton officiating
Eubie Blake National Jazz Center
Towson Library 
Ring 101, Sponsor of the Graveside Service at Mt Auburn Cemetery,
        Wreath Laying by Joe Sanchez President, Gene Wagstaff and
             Earl Savage (Keepers of the Grave) , Frank Gilbert and
             Honorary Pall Bearers from Ring 101 and Darien Gans, NJ
        Biship Joseph Gans, Washington D.C., Officiate
        Music Directed by Lou Tibbs
        Antique Hearse by Comfort Carriages, Aquasco, MD
Enoch Pratt Free Library (Central Library)